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Thursday, 18 February 2016

Galt Toys | Product review

Leia is at that age now where she is in to everything! We are always looking for new ways to keep her entertained, so trying the 'Ambi Toys' range from Galt was perfect!
The current Ambi toy range focuses on the old classics which I love. 
The range starts from 3 months and up which is perfect for Leia's teeny tiny newborn hands.
I just knew as soon as I saw the gift set online she would love the humpty dumpty toy as she spotted it in her sensory class and she didn't want to put it down! 
The bright colours really do get your baby interacting. L loves to 'bash' toys together at the moment so the key set is a lovely addition to her high chair toys.
They feel fantastic in quality so these really will last a lifetime, one of the toys you will look back on as a family favourite. 
The website has a great little selection which you can check out here
I think I'll be making a cheeky purchase of the pop up pals or max pull along - they both look great and I know she will love those. 

You can see Leia trying out the range on my channel

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*I received the Gift set for review purposes - I was not paid to write this post
All opinions are my own / Leia's

Rebecca, Leia's Mummy x


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