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Friday, 30 September 2016

Mummy & Baby Day Date | Little Tikes Newborn Toy Launch - London

Kaia & I were very lucky this week & were asked by the lovely Azaria PR if we would like to attend the launch of Little Tikes newborn toy range. Of course we jumped at the chance! 

What a fantastic day out it was, we headed into London from the quaint countryside & eagerly awaited our train to get into London Marylebone. 

Kaia was great the whole journey & pretty much slept throughout!

On arrival to the venue we were greeted by play expert, child psychologist & mum of two, Emma Kenny - who was just lovely! We had a really long conversation about life & she is the nicest person! 

The theme was baby shower, complete with games & a delicious lunch with the cutest cupcakes I have seen. 

The venue was transformed in to a play heaven with a giant cozy coupe, big enough for an adult to sit in! 

It was really great to see all of the newborn collection & how interactive the toys are! 
I have a huge Christmas list now for both girls!

We also got to hear the results of Little Tikes' recent parenting survey, the nation’s parents say that the first year of being a new family is about 50 per cent giggles and 50 per cent graft*, taking them an average of 14 months to get the hang of it! This is something I can definitely relate to with two under 2!

According to the report, the hardest part of being a mum or dad is cited as the constant tidying up (25 per cent), closely followed by bed-time issues – including the sleepless nights (22 per cent) and the battle to get your little one to sleep (14 per cent).  This leaves them with just 2.9 hours of time to themselves on a weekday evening and might explain why 32 per cent say they enjoy being a parent ‘some of the time’!

I find the constant putting things a way really hard as you feel like you are working ALL DAY! 

Such interesting results & a perfect day out for mummy & baby - Little Tikes' gave us the most adorable goodie bag to go home with which both girls love. 

You can view the new range here

Love Rebecca, Leia & Kaia's Mummy x 

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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

The Perfect Dummy Clips by Pretty Little Polka Dot

As a mummy of two little's under 2, from distraction toys to keep them entertained to baby rockers to give me a 5 minute breathing gap,  I am always looking for products to buy that make our lives a little easier! 

One of the things I am always cautious about is the safety of toys I am presenting to them, I hate to leave the room leaving them with anything remotely hazardous! 

When using dummy clips I have always erred on the side of caution, I have never been 100% certain that they are OK. I am a massive handmade / independent shop buyer but I do want that reassurance that dummy clips meet the regulations required. 

Pretty Little Polka Dot handmade dummy clips do exactly that. 

You are getting all of the loveliness that comes when buying handmade but the comfort of safety. All of their Dummy Clips have been designed, made and tested to BSEN 12586. For more information on dummy clip safety, read their blog post here.

Beautifully packaged came the 'lovely red roses' & 'white country rose' dummy clips. 

The first thing to note is the natural wooden clip that attaches to your baby's clothing carefully concealing the snap fasteners.

Arrived beautifully packaged

'Lovely Red Roses' Dummy Clip

They really are the perfect solution to losing dummies.

As if that wasn't enough, the dummy clip is cleverly designed to fit Sophie La Girafe's leg to ensure safekeeping whilst out about - who couldn't love that?!

'White Country Rose' Dummy Clip on Sophie La Girafe

My little lady is obsessed with her dummy clip and its melting my heart to see her rubbing it as a little comforter, I could not stop taking pictures of her with the dummy clip so excuse the amount of imagery on this post! The dummy clips really are just beautiful! 

Pretty Little Polka Dot are the perfect place for dummy clips but also have a beautiful online shop with the perfect gift for a baby shower. I have my eye on their range of comforters & bibs! 

You can visit their online shop here

Love Rebecca, Leia & Kaia's Mummy x 

*PR sample sent for review purposes 

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Friday, 23 September 2016


We were recently sent to review this adorable follow up to the No1 Bestseller, The Rabbit Who Wants To Fall Asleep, published by Penguin random house comes The Little Elephant Who Wants To Fall Asleep.

As a mummy who almost always reads with the babies before bed this was a perfect edition to any collection. 

If you struggle with getting your child to sleep this is perfect, with a distinct sleep inducing language pattern that helps babies & children drift of easily. 

The book is beautifully illustrated & fits within our nighttime routine. Leia is not quite at the understanding age yet so we are just reading a few pages a night before bed to encourage night time reading. 

The Little Elephant Who Wants To Fall Asleep will be released in the UK on October 6, 2016

What are your favourite books to read the children?

You can buy The Little Elephant Who Wants To Fall Asleep here 

Rebecca, Leia's Mummy x

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Thursday, 22 September 2016

Multi Functional Nightlights | Cozyglo

I have been pondering on the idea of finding a nightlight for Leia's nursery lately, I have seen a few on amazon & the Cozyglo caught my eye. 

More than just a nightlight...

Cozyglo have launched a range of adorable nightlights, which have been designed with both parents and children in mind. The lights have a warm glow as well as other very useful functions, which make them the perfect gift for children or new parents. Think baby shower, new baby, birthdays and Christmas! 

Inspired by their own experience of nighttime feeding, comforting and nappy changing, Katherine and Tom Homfray founded Cozyglo in 2014. They wanted a nightlight that better tended to the needs of their baby and to help make broken nights easier. Almost two years after starting their venture, stock finally arrived! The initial range introduces three loveable characters: Colonel Comfort, Papa Penguin and Beatrice the Rescue Dog. They are useful from birth during the months when you might have your little one in your own room, whilst also being an attractive feature of any child’s bedroom, used for storytime and sleep-training.
Everyone knows that nighttime can be scary for young children; so a Cozyglo nightlight has been designed as a cute, smiley, bedside buddy that aims to give children the reassurance they need to drift happily off to sleep.
But it’s not just about looking good. Each light has a clock and thermometer on a loop, a dimmer and countdown light timer to adjust the brightness for reading or sleep, a stopwatch to time breast feeds and a light alarm to help children know when it’s time to wake up.
 “We’ve designed our lights to suit the needs of parents and children. They help take away the strain from long, tiring nights, whilst also being a lovely, decorative item. The designs and range of functions make them the perfect present.” 

Beatrice the rescue dog is now on our christmas wish list for sure! 

What are your thoughts - a standard nightlight or a multi functional one?

Rebecca, Leia's Mummy x 

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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

The Organic Baby Bib | Skibz Product Review

My little lady Kaia is now 7 weeks old & I feel somewhat qualified (again) to be talking about our favourite products. 

A clear favourite in our house is the purely luxurious organic vanilla bib we were sent by the lovely Skibz, so much so we took it to hospital with us so it was the first product we used when Kaia was born.

As far as a dribble bib goes I did not actually think there would be a favourite, that is of course until we were sent this. The bib just feels ultra absorbent & beautifully soft, perfectly designed for a newborns delicate skin. 
It really is just gorgeous. 

Named as one of The Independent's '14 Best Organic Baby Gifts' and Mini Vogue's '10 Best Natural Products for Babies'

Made from 63% bamboo towelling with a natural cotton lining, with a tested and unique double layer backing system to provide ultimate absorbency

Skibz were the original and first ever scarf bib; the trendsetters of the neckerchief bib baby fashion phenomenon. Skibz boast the most attractive and absorbent bandana bibs you could buy for your baby. The perfect dribble bib for teething babies, these bibs will draw away moisture from their necks and chests to prevent soreness and chafing, keeping your baby happily, comfortably dry.

We absolutely loved testing out the Skibz range & this bib will be going in Kaia's little box of newborn goodies we have saved for her. 

What dribble bibs have you found work well?

You can find Skibz here

Rebecca, Leia's Mummy x 

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