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Friday, 30 September 2016

Mummy & Baby Day Date | Little Tikes Newborn Toy Launch - London

Kaia & I were very lucky this week & were asked by the lovely Azaria PR if we would like to attend the launch of Little Tikes newborn toy range. Of course we jumped at the chance! 

What a fantastic day out it was, we headed into London from the quaint countryside & eagerly awaited our train to get into London Marylebone. 

Kaia was great the whole journey & pretty much slept throughout!

On arrival to the venue we were greeted by play expert, child psychologist & mum of two, Emma Kenny - who was just lovely! We had a really long conversation about life & she is the nicest person! 

The theme was baby shower, complete with games & a delicious lunch with the cutest cupcakes I have seen. 

The venue was transformed in to a play heaven with a giant cozy coupe, big enough for an adult to sit in! 

It was really great to see all of the newborn collection & how interactive the toys are! 
I have a huge Christmas list now for both girls!

We also got to hear the results of Little Tikes' recent parenting survey, the nation’s parents say that the first year of being a new family is about 50 per cent giggles and 50 per cent graft*, taking them an average of 14 months to get the hang of it! This is something I can definitely relate to with two under 2!

According to the report, the hardest part of being a mum or dad is cited as the constant tidying up (25 per cent), closely followed by bed-time issues – including the sleepless nights (22 per cent) and the battle to get your little one to sleep (14 per cent).  This leaves them with just 2.9 hours of time to themselves on a weekday evening and might explain why 32 per cent say they enjoy being a parent ‘some of the time’!

I find the constant putting things a way really hard as you feel like you are working ALL DAY! 

Such interesting results & a perfect day out for mummy & baby - Little Tikes' gave us the most adorable goodie bag to go home with which both girls love. 

You can view the new range here

Love Rebecca, Leia & Kaia's Mummy x 

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