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Thursday, 22 September 2016

Multi Functional Nightlights | Cozyglo

I have been pondering on the idea of finding a nightlight for Leia's nursery lately, I have seen a few on amazon & the Cozyglo caught my eye. 

More than just a nightlight...

Cozyglo have launched a range of adorable nightlights, which have been designed with both parents and children in mind. The lights have a warm glow as well as other very useful functions, which make them the perfect gift for children or new parents. Think baby shower, new baby, birthdays and Christmas! 

Inspired by their own experience of nighttime feeding, comforting and nappy changing, Katherine and Tom Homfray founded Cozyglo in 2014. They wanted a nightlight that better tended to the needs of their baby and to help make broken nights easier. Almost two years after starting their venture, stock finally arrived! The initial range introduces three loveable characters: Colonel Comfort, Papa Penguin and Beatrice the Rescue Dog. They are useful from birth during the months when you might have your little one in your own room, whilst also being an attractive feature of any child’s bedroom, used for storytime and sleep-training.
Everyone knows that nighttime can be scary for young children; so a Cozyglo nightlight has been designed as a cute, smiley, bedside buddy that aims to give children the reassurance they need to drift happily off to sleep.
But it’s not just about looking good. Each light has a clock and thermometer on a loop, a dimmer and countdown light timer to adjust the brightness for reading or sleep, a stopwatch to time breast feeds and a light alarm to help children know when it’s time to wake up.
 “We’ve designed our lights to suit the needs of parents and children. They help take away the strain from long, tiring nights, whilst also being a lovely, decorative item. The designs and range of functions make them the perfect present.” 

Beatrice the rescue dog is now on our christmas wish list for sure! 

What are your thoughts - a standard nightlight or a multi functional one?

Rebecca, Leia's Mummy x 

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