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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

UV Gel Nails At Home (Shellac)

I am absolute lover of a shellac or gel nail. Up until around a year ago I always went for the permanent white tip as I found they stayed on the longest and just look really classy. 
Now although I love that look I am also an absolute sucker for a bright pink nail and most of my polish collection is a pink shade.
Now my time is so full with two girls, I am always looking for at home quick fixes! 

I watched a Mrs Meldrum video (as you do) last week where she was showing her at home gel nails. 
I am usually a procrastinator about purchases and um and ah for a few days before taking the plunge but my UV Gel kit, the prep & prime, gel remover & a base coat and colour had been purchased before I reached the end of the video! 

The whole kit arrived with me the next day (impressive!) & immediately i wanted to get my nails iced up. 

The lamp came with 4 UV bulbs - easily inserted in to 4 slots. 

The process is very simple. Literally base coat of polish, cure for 2 minutes (I didn't buy a base coat but use a the top coat as a base and that worked fine for me!), one thin coat of colour, cure for 2 minutes, repeat step 2, then a top coat, cure for 2 minutes under the lamp, then wipe of with your prep & polish wipe. It really is that easy! 

I love the look and would recommend you giving it a go if you haven't got the time like me to be sitting in a salon for an hour! 

This for me is a much cheaper, more effective look & I looove it! 

What do you do with your nails, at home or go to the salon?

Take a look at my video on youtube for a full run down! 

Products mentioned 

Bluesky Gel Polish in Gotcha
Bluesky Gel Polish in Summer Splash
Shinerlac Top Coat
Mylee Gel Polish Remover
Mylee Prep & Wipe
Mylee 4 Bulp UV Lamp 36W
OPI Carrie Underwood Dripping Honey

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