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Saturday, 3 December 2016

Heavenly Organics - Superfoods for the whole family - REVIEW

Heavenly Organic offer the perfect solution to getting superfoods in to your child's diet.

Heavenly offer the most innovatively designed baby snacks I have ever seen.
From their 'Coconut Squishies' to their 'Mini Italian Breadsticks' which are adorable, all are also 100% organic!

I have found their selection to be the ultimate snacking solution for Leia while we are out & about. I have the piece of mind that if we are caught out somewhere (in traffic usually), I have good nutritious snacks to give her to keep her sustained until we get home.

The 'Squisihies' really are yummy! I usually have a try of most foods she eats & can report that these are incredible. There is nothing added, no sugar or salt & they are suitable for babies aged 6 months plus.

You can serve the squishies straight from the pouch or obviously use a spoon, Leia usually will just grab it and go straight in!

The mini Italian Breadsticks were also a firm favourite, although aimed at a bigger child (12 months plus) the shape is perfect for smaller hands.
The thing I love about Heavenly is that the foods will grow with your child, even suitable for a packed lunch box.

Heavenly Organics are leading the way in 100% organic foods for children & have BRC accreditation, you can read all about that here.

You can find Heavenly Organics in all of the major retailers including Tesco & Morrisons. You can also shop online here.

Have you tried Heavenly? What did you think?

Love, Rebecca - Leia & Kaia's Mummy x

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