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Sunday, 24 December 2017

Styling 2 under 2 with Blade & Rose

Having two girls under two who love to match it's always a task trying to find them comfortable clothes that look good. 

I love knowing they feel comfy in what they are wearing and we find leggings the ideal way to keep them warm, cosy & at the same time look good enough to head out if we needed to. 

My current favourite brand is 'Blade & Rose' they have the most adorable leggings which are just super cosy and cute and perfect for the winter weather. 
They are easy to put on and I can tell the girls are comfortable crawling and toddling about. 
My personal favourite are the 'Nordic' type ones but they are all gorgeous with various characters on the bum which is always a talking point at baby groups with other parents asking where we got them! 
I love styling them with a little pair of bow socks and a Peter Pan collar top. 
You can find all of the blade and rose collection over at
The selection is massive and there is something there for everyone 

What are your favourite things to dress your babies / children in? 

Love Rebecca, Leia & Kaia's Mamma 

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