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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Easter Gift Ideas For the Under Two's (Newborn & Toddler EDiT)

I am one of those mothers who doesn't 'buy in' to this Easter gift basket obsession.
I personally think its ridiculous to buy baskets for children so young
After all, they will be asking for this stuff themselves in a couple of years.
That being said, I do have favourites that are very 'Easter Gift' worthy and we find ourselves loving at the moment

First up. Lets talk about Jellycats. They seem to be a firm favourite in any baby room. Im not sure if us mums love them more though!
Kaia my youngest loves cuddly toys but the older is not fussed at all!
We have kind of built up a mini collection, I have picked two of their (uh, favourites...the small & medium beige bunnies. They are quite pricey but you cant go wrong. Need I say more?!

Moving on to the books, my girls are fans of the 'Usborne' touchy feely range. I find them very sensory worthy and they give us hours of fun!
You can find the 'that's not my..' collection in all good bookstores, the that's not my lamb & bunny would be perfect for Easter and they are relatively inexpensive at under a fiver in most shops.

Usborne actually sent us their 'Fingerprint Activities Garden' book to try out - we will be putting it to the test on Easter Sunday. It looks great with lots to keep the toddler babe entertained!

Next up is the 'blossom farm'  (totally adorable, if I may add) Lamb from ELC. My mum got this for the newborn at Christmas and honestly, we use this more or less EVERY day. Kaia loves it! These are £8. 

Now as for the present stake, here things get pretty serious, these two beauties from Neals Yard would be an absolute winner.
We have been using the Neals Yard baby range for as long as I can remember. Personally we love the baby bath & shampoo & the baby massage oil.

What are your must haves for this Easter?

Love Rebecca x

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