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Thursday, 30 March 2017

Hair Extensions - My Hair Essentials featuring OGX

I recently had extensions put in after 'faking it' with clip-in's for as long as I can remember

(If you have any questions on extensions specifically, I can write another post)

When I had my extensions done I asked what good shampoo brands my contact recommended and I said I was already using OGX and she said that was perfect!

I am slowly making my way through the whole range and my go to one at the moment is the 'Coconut Water' shampoo and conditioner.

I did buy the hair serum to match but I don't think that is for me, I'm either using to much or not outing enough in, I can't seem to get it right

I do however LOVE the shampoo and conditioner & if you have extensions I would recommend you trying it and seeing what you think.

Its light weight yet my hair seems to really soak up the conditioner which I love!

What is your go to shampoo & conditioner brand?

Love Rebecca, Leia & Kaia's Mummy x

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