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Thursday, 10 September 2015

Fisher Price Space Saver Jumperoo - Review

Hi Everyone

Thank you for joining me for what is my FIRST EVER blog post!!! Yayyyyy!

Finally I have time in my life (whilst the baby is napping) to actually write and share with you our thoughts on a product

I wanted to blog about beauty much before I started doing the 'mummy' vlogging, as now my life is totally surrounded by a baby (who is just scrumptious) bows (who couldn't love them) & baby gadgets, this seems apt & I LOVE it!

I was very kindly, I say I, correction.... Leia, my 6 month old was sent a fantastic piece of kit from the lovely people at Mattel whom I imagine their head office to be like the toy room out of Santa Claus - The Movie (the 80s version).
The Space Saver Jumperoo arrived neatly packaged in a Fisher Price Toy box, all very exciting we opened it within about 2 minutes of course desperately eager to see Leia's face with it all lit up - I had been browsing to make the purchase for a few weeks prior as we want her on her feet so to speak as she is getting to that age where she wants to do more than just sit in our arms so this seemed a sensible thing to buy.

It came in 8 pieces consisting of the 2 'legs' you would say, the bottom stand, the hanging toys, the computer dock and a couple of attachments to put it all together..relatively easy for me to put together myself, right? Yes right. I put it together with no assistance! Very proud of myself!

It was soon together within around 20 minutes or so.

Leia immediately got in to the Jumperoo and was bobbing about but on day one wasn't really interacting with the toys, she may have been slightly overwhelmed as they are or she was just a little tired, I think it must have been the latter as day 2 came and she loved it!

Leia was all excited to be in the seat and was bobbing about,even taking bites of the fantastically placed teething gel toy which sold me completely, with a teething 6 month old this is a must!

We thought the Space saving idea was fantastic although I have never seen the bigger version. This one just folds straight down to the size of the Jumperoo assembled but pretty much flat and very easy to store.

I have searched online for the Jumperoo and the cheapest I have found it is at boots in what looks to be their baby event, I am not entirely sure on the timescales of the event but you can check it out here

Thanks for joining us - if you want to see Leia enjoying the Jumperoo, check out the below video!

Thank you to Mattel!

Rebecca, Leia's Mummy

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