New mummy from London to my little (princess) Leia, wifey & tea lover 💙💋

Thursday, 10 September 2015



Welcome to this my new blog page to work in addition to my YouTube Channel (Rebecca Hollick)

Let me start by saying my name is Rebecca as some of you will know

I am new mummy to my little pumpkin Leia (as in the princess)

We are tutu crazy, bow crazy, tea crazy (well I am...all 3)

I instagram most things that are pretty, I love photography & filming & editing and talking to you guys!

I work full time, I went back to work after 16 weeks and you will probably see me trying to juggle homelife, work life and baby life whilst doing fun stuff!

Hope you have found this introduction somewhat useful!

Lots of love

Rebecca. Leia's Mummy

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