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Thursday, 10 March 2016

1st Birthday Letter to Leia from Mummy & Daddy

I actually can’t believe I am writing this. My little lady has turned one! I know every parent must say this but Leia truly is the best baby I have ever known. She has turned in to such a little character, although she is not walking just yet she is in to EVERYTHING and shuffling along the floor at a nice little pace.

To be honest I am in no rush for her to be that mobile. I know she will keep me on my toes so I am happy to wait a few more months!

Leia has changed so much in the last 4 months. She now gives us kisses, I say us – Daddy tends to get the most kisses! She passes things to me, loves bright toys and is so determined to get to where she wants to go.

Leia babbles on a regular basis, again most often saying ‘Da Da’.

For her birthday, we have had a week-long celebration starting with a birthday meal out with my other half’s family, swimming and then a party a week later with my family which is tomorrow.

We decided not to go crazy on the toy front, we do have lots to be fair and they are mainly the 6 – 36 month age range so are still in use (some still in the packaging).
I have seen pictures of her dad at about her age playing on a small rocking horse and after seeing the Nattou baby rockers I knew this would be the perfect present for our daughter.

I chose the Charlotte & Rose Giraffe Rocker. I am so happy with my decision! I scoured the net & I found Leia’s here, I will write a full review on the rocker soon

I think Leia must have had the perfect birthday as she was still trying to play at 2am that evening whilst we were trying to sleep which is so unlike her. Hopefully she will get back on her normal routine in the coming days!
Happy 1st birthday princess. Lots of love mummy & daddy x

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