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Saturday, 5 March 2016

Pommade Divine - The Magic Ointment For Mum & Baby

Pommade Divine is the 300 year old natural remedy balm that can be used to soothe and heal
Before I was sent the natures remedy balm I knew little about it, however after doing a little reading about what it claims to treat I was really excited to try it.
It is your typical multi tasker for mum and baby used by Sienna Miller.
The most interesting thing for me is that it claims to soothe cradle cap, my one year old had this and nothing seems to work so I thought we could give it a go. 
The cream is lovely and thick in consistency and doesn't leave an oily residue.
Naturally as soon as I had taken the blog pics the first thing I did was put some on my lips as they were chapped as it was freezing. The cream absorbed instantly.
The evening came and before I bathed Leia I massaged a small amount in to her affected scalp and used a baby brush to remove what I could, to my surprise the dry cradle cap was coming out with ease.
We then bathed her, washing her hair, combed when it ws drying and more was coming out.
The next morning I was not expecting to wake up to see nothing at all left but to my surprise the cradle cap had disappeared! So impressive.
There is a huge amount this product claims to do. I cant say I have tried it for any of the others but its definitely worth a go!
You can check out Pommade Divine here
Pommade Divine have a great insta feed to so give them a follow @pommadedivine
What are your fave multi tasking products?
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