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Friday, 7 October 2016

Day in the life with two girls under two 05/10/2016 | Rebecca Hollick

Day in the life with two under two 05/10/2016

My life seems to be flying by with my two babies - I want to document as much as I can, plus I love hearing what everyone's days look like. 
Here's what we did today, chronologically. 

6:30am Kaia wakes up making cute noises in the moses basket, she is happy to be snuggled back to sleep for a couple of hours. 

8.20am Kaia wakes up for a feed & change, we do this downstairs with daddy too 

9am I clean, so hoover all of downstairs first in case Leia wakes up so she can crawl on the floor. Do any washing up, clean the sides, cupboards, bring out the recycling. Bleach the toilet!

10am Leias awake, give her a bottle, change, clean teeth, wash face 
11am Bath Leia, play, watch tv. Reply to blog emails. 

12 Kaia agrees to a mini photo shoot for organic brand Bambini & Me 
1pm Leias lunchtime, Kaias feed - shes on 9oz currently.

3pm Both girls nap - check emails, tidy away from lunch, do the recycling / bins, have a cup of tea & lunch 

5pm Watch tv, start settling down for the night, bottles, brush girls teeth, change for bed 

7.30pm Kaia starts to get sleepy, falls asleep by 8pm snuggling in to her pretty little polka dot dummy clip and JoJo mouse comforter - she cant decide which she prefers! 

8pm Kaia goes in the moses basket 

9pm The apprentice! 

10pm Leia falls asleep after a banana & a chocolate ice cream! 

I love having my girls pretty much on the same routine, makes mummy life SO much easier. 

What is your daily routine?
Love Rebecca, Leia & Kaia's Mummy x 

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